Classic Furniture Restorations Services

Furniture Repair & Maintenance

Furniture repairs are both an art and a science. We can preserve your piece and make sure that it is strong for years to come. In addition to our furniture repair services, we also offer on-site antique maintenance and commercial furniture touch up.

Classic Furniture Restorations Services

Furniture Refinishing

Return your furniture to its former beauty and integrity with a comprehensive, professional refinishing. As a result of refinishing, fine antiques that had lost their luster can be restored to a level of character and patina that can only come through time and proper conservation.

Classic Furniture Restorations Services

Antique Furniture Restoration

We understand how precious your antique items can be. Trust your restoration to a professional with years of experience. Antique furniture restoration services include fabricating and replacing missing parts, finish touch-ups, color blending and matching.

Classic Furniture Restorations Services

French Polishing

French Polishing is a time-honored method for producing a beautiful finish that shows off the wood grain in your furniture. We custom blend all of our polishes to give just the right sheen, depth and color to your period antique.

Classic Furniture Restorations Services

Cabinet Refinishing

Your kitchen might be showing its age, but a complete remodel is not always a realistic solution. Classic Furniture Restorations offers cabinet refinishing services that can update your present cabinets to a variety of classic and modern styles.

Classic Furniture Restorations Services

Cane Furniture Repair

We offer cane furniture repair for both modern and antique pieces. Whether need to replace a broken leg or just need new backs and seats, we can make your cane furniture look like new again.

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